Babbling in The Afternoon

Being home alone is quite depressing, if you don’t get used to it. The only biological companion I have is 2 geckos my friend gave to me. Well, maybe some germs and 2 or 3 cockroaches because I seldom clean the house. Hey don’t blame me, my housekeeper left a year ago because Jakarta East Flood Channel Development demolished her house thus her family had to move too. I did my best though, to clean up the house. I can barely keep my clean laundry. It seems that the dirty laundry keep coming and the clean laundry can’t keep up with the phase. So yeah, the balance between dirty and clean laundry is a bit messy and the winner is the dirty laundry, of course.

Unlike common people, I don’t work at the office, so I’m not restricted to office hour. I can work anytime I want, day, night, early in the morning. I can also work anywhere I want, although this option is never been my choice because I don’t have mobile computing device such as laptops, netbooks, or Blackberry. Even if I do, I still prefer my house and I never really like crowded places anyway.

Having a flexible time gives you lots of freedom. I can do anything I want as long I can meet the deadline my client gave to me. And the best thing of having your own time is the ability to always learn new things. In my line of work, creative and innovative are the best keyword to get you in the right places. So learning is critical. The day you stop learning is the day you will lose your job.

And when it comes to teacher, while I believe there’s a bunch of teacher and lecturer in some well known universities, I think those fine teachers are not as effective when you learn things by yourself. But how about books? Don’t you need books to study? Ah, yes I forgot that, of course we will need books although today’s book comes in a different form. I’m not talking about the cover design or the quality of the paper, I’m talking about the medium which deliver the information on something we called book. You see, e-book and html pages nowadays have become substitution for an ordinary book. And the best place to find them is on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Bing, MSN search, etc.

With all that shiny online services, who needs physical teacher? About 80% percent of my knowledge comes from a search engine. It can answer most of my problem quickly, instantly, logically, and comprehensively. No, I’m not worshiping search engines, I believe in God. Although sometimes in a rare occasion I tend to have imagination that search engines are directly built by God.

I work for a local media which some people tend to see it as a low end media. Now, why would people say that? Well, maybe it’s because they sell their newspaper at a very affordable price a.k.a. cheap. Or maybe it’s the fact that they have a section which depicts a real life affair. Real people, real affair, low economical background. People can say anything, but I won’t lose hope on this media yet. This media have a huge potential, I know that. And right now I’m developing something for them. I hope this will be another flagship for their already settled product.

And one more thing. I think in the future, more and more people will and can work remotely. And I do have a friend who work in a very flexible time just like I do. You can check her blog here. She’s my dearest friend and you’ll definitely love her site.