Removing Smiley from WordPress Footer

If you use WordPress with Jetpack, you may notice a tiny smiley face on your footer. The smiley face is actually part of WordPress statistic function. While it doesn’t hurt, the smiley face can be annoying, especially if you design your own theme.

You can use plugin to remove it though, like this one. But I think using plugin to do one tiny job is overkill, it’s like killing a mosquito with a grenade launcher. I always avoid plugin when I can.

So, here’s my approach. Open your style.css from your current theme. Add this line at the very end, after everything.

img#wpstats {display: none;}

Ok, that’s it. And you don’t need plugin or a grenade launcher.

Update: apparently Jetpack has the option to turn off or hide the smiley. Well, I guess next time I stumble upon a closed door, I have to check whether the door is locked or not before I try to pry or lock picking it.


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